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Review: A Madness of Sunshine

Title: The Madness of Sunshine

Author: Nalini Singh

Release Date: December 3rd, 2019

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Find it here: Goodreads – Amazon – B&N

Synopsis from Goodreads: New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh welcomes you to a remote town on the edge of the world where even the blinding brightness of the sun can’t mask the darkness that lies deep within a killer… On the rugged West Coast of New Zealand, Golden Cove is more than just a town where people live. The adults are more than neighbors; the children, more than schoolmates. That is until one fateful summer—and several vanished bodies—shatters the trust holding Golden Cove together. All that’s left are whispers behind closed doors, broken friendships, and a silent agreement not to look back. But they can’t run from the past forever. Eight years later, a beautiful young woman disappears without a trace, and the residents of Golden Cove wonder if their home shelters something far more dangerous than an unforgiving landscape. It’s not long before the dark past collides with the haunting present and deadly secrets come to light.

My Review: I really enjoyed this dark thriller that kept me up past my bedtime. The setting of a small town where you think you know everyone and they all have their own secrets to hide was very well done. As were the two main characters who are both outsiders and also insiders in their own ways. I spent a long time trying to figure out who the killer was and I didn’t figure it out until close to the end. I very much enjoyed the setting of New Zealand and felt immersed in the landscape while I read. If you like thrillers then this one you will want to check out!

*I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher. All opinions are my own.*

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