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Review: The Goodbye Cafe

Title: The Goodbye Cafe

Series: Hudson Sisters series, #3

Author: Mariah Stewart

Release Date: March 26th, 2019

Rating: 5/5 Stars

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Synopsis from Goodreads: California girl Allie Hudson Monroe can't wait for the day when the renovations on the Sugarhouse Theater are complete so she can finally collect the inheritance from her father and leave Pennsylvania. After all, her life and her fourteen-year-old daughter are in Los Angeles. But Allie's divorce left her tottering on the edge of bankruptcy, so to keep up on payments for her house and her daughter's private school tuition, Allie packed up and flew out east. But fate has a curve-ball or two to toss in Allie's direction—she just doesn't know it yet. She hadn't anticipated how her life would change after reuniting with her estranged sister, Des, or meeting her previously unknown half-sister, Cara. And she'd certainly never expected to find small-town living charming. But the biggest surprise was that her long-forgotten artistry would save the day when the theater's renovation fund dried up. With opening day upon the sisters, Allie's free to go. But for the first time in her life, she feels like the woman she was always meant to be. Will she return to the West Coast and resume her previous life, or will the love of her family be enough to draw her back to the place where the Hudson roots grow so deep?

My Review: This was my favorite book in the Hudson Sisters series so far. Going in I was a little apprehensive about the book because in the first two books I really didn’t like Allie but I was pleasantly surprised. Her character development in the book was fantastic and it was really great to see her happy and doing things she loved rather than moping. I also adored the fact that her daughter had a much bigger role in this book. She really added to the storyline and overall feel of the book. The storyline of this book was also really fun with the girls taking over and running a café in town. As always the writing and pacing of the novel was great and I loved it. Although I have read (and enjoyed) the first two books in the series this one could be read as a standalone. You’d really be missing out on those first two books though!

*I received this book from Gallery Books and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

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