Review: The Last by Hanna Jameson

Title: The Last

Author: Hanna Jameson

Release Date: January 31, 2019

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

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Synopsis from Goodreads: Breaking: Nuclear weapon detonates over Washington Breaking: London hit, thousands feared dead Breaking: Munich and Scotland hit. World leaders call for calm Historian Jon Keller is on a trip to Switzerland when the world ends. As the lights go out on civilization, he wishes he had a way of knowing whether his wife, Nadia and their two daughters are still alive. More than anything, Jon wishes he hadn't ignored Nadia's last message. Twenty people remain in Jon's hotel. Far from the nearest city and walled in by towering trees, they wait, they survive. Then one day, the body of a young girl is found. It's clear she has been murdered. Which means that someone in the hotel is a killer. As paranoia descends, Jon decides to investigate. But how far is he willing to go in pursuit of justice? And what kind of justice can he hope for, when society as he knows it no longer exists?

My Review: I was immediately hooked by the synopsis for this story and I had to know what happened! I loved the setting and the way that the story unfolded. The story is set in a hotel that quickly empties of guests after the nuclear weapons are detonated, leaving just 20 people living in a huge hotel. A nearly empty hotel, in the middle of the woods far from any city? Major creepiness. The story is told through Jon’s journal entries and because we only get his point of view, and he is under some serious duress, there is a little bit of the unreliable narrator vibe going on. I liked this point of view but I wouldn’t have minded getting a peak inside the other characters heads. The story gets a tiny bit slow in places but it was manageable. I felt like the murder of the girl was sort of thrown in a bit to keep the story moving when there wasn’t other stuff going on. Sometimes the characters seemed to forget that it had even happened and then things slow down and they suddenly remember they are supposed to be solving a murder. All of that being said I did really enjoy the book but I was not thrilled with the ending. The killer didn’t really make any sense at all to me and I had this idea in my head that fit perfectly. That bugged me. Also we never learn what happened with the rest of the world. Why were the bombs dropped and by who? I’m going to give the book 3.5 stars and hope that there might just be a sequel so we get to know more about the rest of the world.

*I received this book from Atria Books in exchange for an honest review*

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