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Review: Lost Lake by Emily Littlejohn

Title: Lost Lake

Series: Detective Gemma Monroe #3

Author: Emily Littlejohn

Release Date: November 6th, 2018

Rating: 3/5 Stars

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Synopsis from Goodreads: On a bright Saturday in early spring, Detective Gemma Monroe responds to a missing person call at Lost Lake, near the small town of Cedar Valley, Colorado. With its sapphire waters and abundance of wildflowers, the lake is a popular camping destination in the summer. But for now, ice still grips the lake and snow buries the flowers. When Gemma arrives at the shore, she meets three friends who have been camping there: the fourth of their group, Sari Chesney, has disappeared in the night without a trace. Sari is an assistant curator at the local museum, which is set to host a gala that night--a project she's worked on for months and would never intentionally miss. As Gemma begins to understand the complex dynamics of the supposedly close-knit friendship group, she realizes that more than one person is lying to her--and that the beautiful, still waters of Lost Lake may hide more terrible secrets . . .

My Review: I enjoyed this book for the most part and probably would have given it 4 stars but then I got to the end it felt so anticlimactic, such a let down that I was pretty disappointed. I’m going to refrain from specifics so I don’t spoil the book for anyone but if you’ve read it let me know so we can discuss! I liked Gemma and thought she was a great character that I wanted to know more about. I also liked the supporting characters and the pool of suspects was a diverse enough one to keep me guessing. One thing that bugged me though was that Gemma’s daughter felt like an afterthought that the author used to move the plot along. In the first chapter we learn that she is 6 months old and keeping her mom up because she’s teething but for the rest of the book the baby just goes to sleep whenever its convenient for Gemma and doesn’t make a peep. That little detailed just felt so unreal to me, probably because I have a teething one year old right now. Other than the end I liked the plot except that little side notes into weird theories about the murders. That felt out of place, as did the bits about a treasure map. I felt like the author wanted to explore those ideas but they didn’t really fit well in the book.

*I received this book from Minotaur Books in exchange for an honest review*

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