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Review: The Delphi Revolution

Title: The Delphi Revolution

Series: The Delphi Trilogy Book 3

Author: Rysa Walker

Release Date: October 9, 2018

Rating: 5/5 Stars

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Synopsis from Goodreads: Eighteen-year-old Anna Morgan is on the run from the very government project that created her abilities. Now they seek to weaponize the gift she doesn’t want and can’t control: the invasion of her mind and her body by spirits, some of whom have their own unusual powers. Her latest “hitcher” is a former top Delphi executive. Unlike Anna’s previous guests, this one has taken over, and he’s on a personal mission of revenge. The target is Senator Ronald Cregg, a corrupt, power-hungry presidential candidate. One of Delphi’s creators, he’s now manipulating the public into believing “psychic terrorists” are a scourge to be eliminated. There’s only one way to stop him, but Anna draws the line at murder. Pulled into a dark conspiracy, Anna struggles to reclaim her body, mind, and soul as she and the other Delphi psychics join together to fight for their right to exist.

My Review: A fabulous conclusion to a really great trilogy. I am sad to have to say goodbye to these characters. Walker does a truly fantastic job creating characters that you can’t help but care for. I flew through this book. As with the other books the writing is great, it flows and has just the right amount of punch. The story is really intense and will keep readers on the edge of their seat. I loved all three of the books in this series and I highly recommend checking them out!

*I received this book from skyscape publishing in exchange for an honest review*

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