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Historical Bank Heists and Code Breaking can be found in Speakeasy by Alisa Smith

Outlaws, depression era gangs and World War II code breaking? Sounds amazing right? That’s what I thought too but unfortunately the book was a letdown. The author does a good job of drawing the reader into the time period but once your immersed in the world of World War II you’re suddenly pulled out and thrust into the prohibition Era without any warning. The author also uses a different narrator for the flashbacks which really threw me out of the story. I enjoyed Lena’s part for more than those told by the male narrator. Those chapters serve to tell us a large part of Lena’s story but I wish they had been told from Lena’s point of view instead. The storyline also got a bit lost among the action scenes. Although I didn’t enjoy this story it was a well researched historical book and fans of bank heists, the 1930’s and World War II may really enjoy it!

*Thank you Netgalley and Thomas Dunne Books for a copy to read and review*

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