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Review: The Wife Between Us

The Wife Between Us is a thriller full of so many twists and turns you won’t have a clue what’s going on. Assume nothing as you read this book, you’ll probably be wrong. Its hard to write this review without giving anything away. The books starts off in what you think of as a typical thriller, you’ll think you know where its going; you won’t. You’ll make assumptions about the characters in the book and you’ll think that you know them; you don’t. You’ll start to form ideas about where the book is going; you’ll be wrong.

This is what makes the book so darn good. About halfway through you have a “WAIT, WHAT??” moment and you’ll have to put the book down for a few minutes and ponder what’s going on. I enjoyed all of the twists and it kept me reading long past my bedtime. I really liked the two female characters and even more after I grasped what was really happening.

The book is told in differing points of view, as well as from multiple points in time. It is done so subtley and so well that you don’t even notice a break in the narrative and the flow through the novel was exceptional. The only reason that I didn’t give the book 5 stars was that I wanted a tiny bit more from the end. I wanted to delve a little a more into the reasons and psychology behind what had happened. But I only took off half a star for that. Overall I highly recommend this book!

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