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Review: Desperate Housedogs

Title: Desperate Housedogs

Series: Pampered Pets Mystery, Book 1

Author: Sparkle Abbey

Release: December 1 , 2011

Rating: 4/5 Stars

My Thoughts: I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I have a lot of experience working with dogs and too often authors miss the mark with books that feature pet sitters or trainers. This one however did a wonderful job. I loved the main character and her realistic take on dog care and training. Just as important the mystery and her sleuthing, as well as her motive for doing so, all felt realistic to me.

The story follows a pet therapist as she makes her rounds and stops by a clients house to help with his German Shepards. When that client later shows up dead and she becomes a person of interest in the case, she sets out to clear her own name. I really liked the main character, she felt genuine and her loves of dogs came through. I enjoyed this mystery immensely and look forward to reading the rest of the books in the series.

*I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

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