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Review: No Charm Intended

No Charm Intended is the second book in the Cora Crafts mystery series by Mollie Cox Bryan. I hadn’t read the first book before beginning this one and although there were a few mentions from the first book that I didn’t get, the book was still plenty enjoyable. The book focuses on Cora Chevalier who has recently moved to the small town of Indigo Gap and started a crafting retreat at her Victorian home. The retreat brings together a mixed group of woman of all ages and backgrounds and teaches them the arts of wildcrafting – using things found in nature to make a variety of crafts from basket weaving to pottery.

A damper falls the gathering when the nanny for one of the retreats leaders goes missing and suspicions run wild. Both Cora, and Jane, the leader who had hired the nanny, feels connected and somehow responsible for Gracie’s disappearance and set out to help figure out what has happened.

The author mixes the sleuthing and crafting elements of the novel well and slips in a variety of crafting tips and tricks within the novel. The story delves into hacking, online gaming and the dark net which pushes the book a little closer to a thriller than most cozy mysteries but I enjoyed the subject matter very much.

If you enjoy crafting and cozy mysteries than this series is worth checking out! I would recommend reading the books in order though.

Overall I gave the book 4/5 Stars.

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