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Review: The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel

The Roanoke Girls tells the story of Lane’s life from the time she is fifteen to when she is thirty and grown. The story is told in two different timelines. Then, when as a teenager Lane came to live with her grandparents and cousin, who she never knew existed. And Now, when at the age of 30 Lane returns to find out what happened to her cousin, who has vanished. Right away it is obvious that something isn’t quite right on the sprawling family estate. The big family secret around which the entire story is based is evident fairly on and is very disturbing. As another reviewer put it – ICK! That being said, the subject is handled well by the author and the story is told in a way that forces you to keep reading. It is hard to put the book down with so many unanswered questions floating around. Overall, besides the disturbing subject matter, I enjoyed the book and the mystery was well done. Lane was an interesting character, though a bit messed up. If you like a good mystery, with dark family secrets and don’t mind a bit of taboo subject matter then you would probably enjoy this story.

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