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Review: Magick and Mayhem by Sharon Pape

Magick and Mayhem was the fantastic first book in a new paranormal cozy mystery. It features Kailyn Wilde as a witch in a small town who is running her family’s magic shop, Abracadabra, after the sudden deaths of her mother and grandmother. When she and her psychic aunt Tilly head over to the local lawyers office to finalize some papers they are surprised to find he’d been murdered and from there the plot unfolds. Kailyn takes on the task of hunting down the real killer when her friend Elise becomes the main suspect. Between juggling the demands of a magic shop, taking care of a gaggle of cats, finding some unexpected romance and hunting down a killer Kailyn has her hands, and head, full. Th

Review: The Breakdown

The Breakdown is a twisting psychological thriller that will keep you on your toes and guessing until the very last page. Even the tagline “If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?” draws you in straight away. The story follows Cass as she attempts to deal with the death of a woman she feels she may have been able to help. Driving home in a storm from a party late one night she passes a car on the side of the road and sees the shape of a woman inside the car. She stops, but doesn’t try to help and decides to go home. When she discovers that the woman was killed that night she is consumed with guilt and fear that she may be losing her mind as she begins to forget every little thing. I

Review: Alice and the Assassin

Alice and the Assassin follows spirited Alice Roosevelt, daughter of President Theodore Roosevelt, while she and her Secret Service body guard, Joseph St. Clair, attempt to solve a mystery connected to the assassination of President McKinley. While the story was well written and Alice was a very intriguing character the book dragged its way through the plot and I often fell asleep after only a few pages. There was great dialogue and the banter between Alice and her body guard was interesting. The book is told from the body guards perspective and it would have been refreshing to see what Alice’s point of view was. In addition there was a little too much going on. There were big name companies

Review: Kale to the Queen

Kale to the Queen, by Nell Hampton, is the debut to a new cozy mystery series that follows Chef Carrie Ann Cole along as she begins her new job as a chef as Kensington Palace. She starts off at the job well and has just begun to settle into her rather grueling new position when she stumbles across a dead body. The rest of the book is he attempting to clear the name of a coworker and stay clear of another chef who has quite the attitude. Overall I enjoyed the read. It was light and fun and I liked the main and supporting characters and thought they were well done. Though the main character is a chef, so ample food descriptions are to be expected, there might have been just a few too many. The

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